Singapore Lounge

Learn how to get cheap access to airport lounges

Almost every passenger want to visit a lounge when the waiting time is in the airport. Long and bored in the airport isn’t the most exciting part. In a lounge theres mostly better Comfort in the furniture they got, Free WiFi, And mostly also free Drinks (Beer, Vine, Soda, Juice etc.) and maybe even meals and small snacks. The free WiFi and often the opportunity to take a shower is helping to get the bored time more comfortable.

But in many cases you have to own a GoldCard with one of the bigger airlines(Delta, American, British Airways etc.) to get access to the lounge. But there’s another opportunity – Priority Pass.

Priority Pass is a Company that made agreements with over 700 lounges all over the world (with exception of Antarctica). And because of that almost every time have an agreement with at least one lounge in every big airport. New York JFK, Los Angeles LAX, Heathrow Airport LHR, Tokyo Narita NRT. Including many more! Priority Pass works by: you buying a yearly membership. This can be a standard membership, where you pay per visit or a VIP Membership with one or more visits including.

Priority Pass Right now a Standard Membership costs 34 British pounds – 48 Euro’s – 53 US Dollars. A VIP Membership with one visit costs 49 British pounds – 69,5 Euro’s – 76 US Dollars. Every visit (other than the free one) costs 15 British pounds – 21 Euro’s – 23 US Dollars per person. The price is almost 50% discount compared to normal prices!



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Priority Pass is a great idea for the ones that don’t travel enough for a Gold/SilverCard with lounge access. And especially for the person that just want more luxurious part of travel. It’s just very important to investigate about your DebitCard (fx. MasterCard) can not offer the package for a lower price.