Seattle Icelandair

Icelandair increases flights to Seattle

Eleven  times a week. that’s how often Icelandair will send a plane to Seattle from the 5th of may 2016, where the company expand the connections to the American westcoast. Thats four extra weekly summer departures  on top of the already existing daily departures. 

Two of the four extra flights will be morning departures with great connection to and from the Scandinavian destinations. The other two flights to Seattle will be very close to the existing afternoon departures and will be like the so-called ”Wing-to-Wing” departures where two planes makes takeoff to the same destination with short interval.

Icelandair opened the route to Seattle in 2009, right after SAS said goodbye to the same city. SAS was in trouble and couldn’t get the economy in green. But the for Icelandair the meeting with the American west coast has only been positive.

Both Vancouver in Canada and latest Portland, Oregon has been added to Icelandairs list of destinations in the American West coast. Portland was added in may 2015.

Icelandair does also offer Eonomy passengers to take two bags of 23 kg. each. thats the double of SAS, Lufthansa and many other companies. that only offers one bag of 23 kg.