Strong criticism of Star Alliance airline

Strong criticism of Star Alliance airline in Shenzhen. Chinese Aviation Authorities criticize Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and two Airlines for very bad manners.

Fight between passengers and airport crew and passengers and airline crew. Passengers that have to wait in front of the plane until the airline crew comes late to the departure, and passengers that after waiting in the airplane for four hours opens the emergency exits. Some of the many episodes that happend in may in the southern Chinese metropolis Shenzhen’s Bao’an Int’l Airport.  s

After the episodes the Chinese Aviation Authorities gives the Airport and the two Airlines strong criticism.
From the 1st of august and the rest of the year the airport – Chinas 6th largest airport can’t open new routes and or more frequencies on existing routes. As long as the airport has problems with that big delays.

From 2000 til 2014 the number of passengers han grown from 7 to over 36 millions a year.


While the airport gets criticims two airlines does to. Shenzhen Airlines and China United Airlines is also sharing strong criticism of there handling of planes and passengers. many of the fights actually occurred on their planes or in the airport in connection with the airlines flights.
Shenzhen Airlines joined Star Alliance in 2012.

Strong rain was the result of many delayd flights to and from Shenzhen Bao’an Int’l Airport in may. This led to hundreds of angry passengers attacking the airport staff. They threw food after them. destroyed computers and got in a fight with the crew. first when the police showed up the fight calmed down.

In may a plane from China Southern Airlines collided  with another plane on the airports apron.

In 2013  Bao’an Int’l Airport inaugurated the new Terminal 3 with a  capacity  of 45 millions passangers. And the new Terminal 4 with space for another 45 million passangers is on the way.

Shenzhen is located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and has over 10 million residents.

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