Duty Free

Why show your boarding pass in Duty free

When the cashier in the Airports Duty Free shop ask to see your Boarding pass, most thinks it’s for safety reasons or because the store wanna secure them that the buyers don’t got in to the Airport just to buy cheap.

But actually it’s not law to show them your Boarding pass. And the product cost’s the same if you show it or not.

Why show your boarding pass in Duty free?

But the real cause is, the stores can only get the VAT refunded for passengers travelling outside of the European Union (EU). And the Boarding pass has to be used as documentation to the authorities.

– The stores can only get the VAT refunds and charges back for products sold to passengers travelling outside of the

Another cause is the store wanna sell more products.


English stores earn millions on duty free.
In England, The Independent revealed the stores sells the products as the same prices in and out-side the Airport. the millions in VAT Refunds that should have been good for travelers outside of europe in form of lower prices, in reality ends in the stores pockets. among the stores are Boots and W H Smith.

I Denmark it’s very hard to tell where the 20 percent ends. (most likely the same in many other countries)


Boarding cards can be used as a kind of marketing.
Duty Free stores also uses the boarding pass in strategy and marketing. With flightnumber and Destination from the passengers Boarding pass they can map their Vacation and make a assortment when it comes to the costumers buying trends, nationality and Destination.

”Duty Free uses the destination and Product information from the costumers bill to make sale-statistics. Most likely as normal stores, we gets all this information anonymous. This helps Duty free shops to offer many products that most likely fits the costumers wish.” Writes, Svenja Strombeck

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