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Delta’s record breaking summer


Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) is celebrating a very successful summer season. The airline faced an incredibly busy summer. Because this the airline also set its current operating records.


Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the list of achievements during the summer flight season, which began June 4 and ended this week (Aug. 17):

Delta’s record breaking summer:

  • 99.79 percent: A summer schedule mainline “completion factor” record. Previous record was 99.74 percent set last year. Completion factor means days without a canceled flight.
  • 21: The record number of 100 percent mainline Delta system completion factor days in a summer schedule. Previous was 16 days, set last year.
  • 139.2 hours: Longest streak of consecutive hours without a cancellation during a summer schedule, which ran from the evening of June 25 through the afternoon of July 1. That shattered the previous record of 80.3 hours set in June 2014.
  • 3,202 flights: The record number of mainline Delta departures made in a single day, which was set at the end of the grueling schedule: on Aug. 17.
  • 614,159: Number of passengers enplaned in a single day across the system, including Delta Connection flights, set on July 31.
  • 96.72 percent: Record on-time departure performance driven by Delta Technical Operations. The previous high of 96.69 percent was set last year.
  • 99.97 percent: Record maintenance completion factor. Put another way, only 0.03 percent of mainline scheduled operations this summer occurred due to a maintenance reason. Previous high of 99.96 percent was set in 2014.
  • 45 days: Record number of days this summer without any maintenance cancelations. Previous record was 26 in 2014.
    These records are particularly noteworthy because of the heavier workload this summer.

Total daily mainline flights went nearly 10 percent up compared to last summer, averaging 3,043 daily departures.
Mainline arrivals that arrived exactly on-time or early were up 1.27 percentage points compared to last summer even with the higher volume.

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