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How to find the best seats?

How to find the best seats? Do you always get a seat on the row where you can’t recline Or just besides the toilets where the traffic is distracting? Then maybe its time to do the homework, before the bag is packed. Because on a larger bunch of websites you can get a view of which seats are the best.

In Front or Back?
In most cases the seats near the emergency exits are the most popular, cause here there’s more space for the legs. The disadvantage is that all of the luggage has to be stored in the overhead compartments.

The row that’s great not to get is the one right in front of the Emergency exit:

»The seats right in front of the Emergency exit cant be reclined. This is because of safety, cause if you have to use the emergency exits it’s not good if it’s blocked« explains communication assistant with SAS, Rikke Rask Hansen.

Equivalent it’s a good idea to avoid the last row.

»It’s depending on the aircraft type, but because the seat typically is right up to a wall that devides the cabin from the back part of the plane, these also cant be reclined« says Rikke Rask Hansen.

Remember to pay attention to be as specific as possible on your choice of seat. Because the chance of you getting exactly what you want is growing if you want (example) 9F than if you just want a good seat. And remember always to have a row of other alternatives in your mind.

Check in in great time and choose seat
A great plan is to check in as soon as posible. More and more airlines is offering online check in. it’s typically about 24 hours before the flight and in some cases even earlier.

This is where you can get a great overview of the seats

the good seat you will find on the internet in great time before your trip. there’s a number of sites where you can find information about the flight here are some of the most well known: is a great and simple site to begin with. Search with you flight number, or type in your departure and arrival airports and get a view of the plane that (likely) will be flying. the site also shows reviews, tips and tricks from the sites users that self had a trip with the type or route.

It’s the british magazine Business Traveller, that rated airline for more than 30 years that stands behind
Isn’t it great enough to see where the toilets and emergency exits Seatguru goes one step further. Here you can see plans from more than 100 airlines with great details. Bad seats are marked with a red color, great seat are green and yellow seats are seat that can’t recline or with limited legroom. You can also see if the movies is on a big shared screen (and where its located) or personal screens.

And as you can find reviews and tips from other users.

A third site that’s a visit worth is the organization called Skytrax on The site is among the biggest of them all. It’s a great site to make some research before the ticket is booked. Here you’ll find reviews of airlines, airports and even seat pitch and many great tips from great reviews among many thousands of users.

Other sites:
There’s a lot of sites out there and also some upcoming here are some:, or the new upcoming

There’s also apps for smartphones Flight Seat Guide with access to Seatguru and Airline Seat Guide, so the best is easy to find, even in a rush!