Top 5 best cities for vacation: Europe

For many Americans and Asians, Europe is a very popular place to go on vacation, but where’s the places you should visit? Even some Europeans don’t know the best places. And here the answer is: Top 5 best cities for vacation: Europe.

Europe facts: (Top 5 below)

  • Europe is the second smallest continent (bigger than Australia). The total area is 10,180,000 km2(3,930,000 sq mi)
  • The total population is set to be around 750,000,000 people.
  • You will find about 50 countries inside Europe’s borders.
  • About 225 languages is spoken in Europe. The most common is English.


Top 10 best cities for vacation: Europe




Number 5: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In Amsterdam the channels is a part of the city. The houses along the channels is so cozy, with the flowers swinging in the wind. What about visiting the Rijksmuseum? or the Anne Frank’s house or even the shopping center called Magna Plaza? If you come to Amsterdam try to take the Tram line number 2 (A life time experience named by National Geograpic).


Number 4: Prague, The Czech Republic.


Prague has a long history and is an important European culture city. Therefore you can come to Prague and get lots of history and culture knowledge! The city’s nine hills offers a great view over the city. What about a walk along the Vltava river? Prague is a small and cozy city with a population of just 1.2 million people, compared to 8.6 million in London.  Visit here


Number 3: Istanbul, Turkey.


Istanbul is the only city located in 2 continents, Europe which is where the commercial and historical center lies, and Asia where a third of the city’s population lives. Whatever you would like to see some culture, maybe one of the many mosques like The Blue Mosque -Sultanahmet Camii, or maybe one of the two most well known bazaar the Grand Bazaar(website has no English option) or the Egyptian Bazaar.

Number 2: Paris, France.



”The City of the cities” and ”The city of romance” Paris has it all! Really, The Eiffel tower in the middle of the city is a must see! Build in 1889 it was actually just build to hold for 20 years.

Number 1: London, The UK.


London -

The capital of The UK and a beautiful city. History collides with modern art and fashion. A perfect day in London is different for everyone, for the culture lover one of the many museums, Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House. For the fashion lover a shopping day in London will be the same as Paradise! For the Sherlock fan a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum will be a great day spent and its located at 221B Baker Street, of cause! Visit Londons Top 10 Attractions here

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