Momondo review

Momondo is a Danish Travel comparison site. It is very popular in Denmark and estimated more than 130 million euro’s worth.

How does Momondo work?

Momondo is very simple a price comparison site. You type in where you wanna fly to and from, date and passengers – they deliver a full list of cheap flights. A great site with a modern design. The price compare is fast and easy to understand. Because of the many sites compared the chances for you getting the cheapest price is very high.Momondo


Flight Insights

In the top right corner you will see a link called ”Flight Insight for New York to Copenhagen >” (The cities will automatically change depending on the cities you choose to travel from.) Here you can as written get a cool flight insight for fares.

MomondoAs an example, lets say we wanna travel from New York to Copenhagen, and we want the lowest fares the Momondo Flight Insight is a great tool. You can see what airline has the lowest price, in this case it’s Jet Airways (Actually it’s Norwegian, but sometimes it isn’t fully accurate.) and if anyone wanna pay as much as possible they can take JetBlue.

You will also find a category called ”Seasonality” here you will find the cheapest (and most expensive) weeks to go.

Under this the ”Days to departure” is located. Here the best time to book is located.

The next 3 categories on the right isn’t as interesting as the ones on the left, but the ”Day of week” might also be a good one to check out. In this case the cheapest day to depart is Tuesday but keep in mind it might vary.



Momondo TripFinder                                   The Momondo Trip Finder

Another really cool feature is the Trip Finder. If you wan’t inspiration for your next vacation then the TripFinder is for you! Type in where you wanna travel from, when, and if you want sand or snow, cities or nature, shopping or nightlife. And if you are on a budget you can even choose a budget! I love this feature and really use it a lot to get inspiration for new adventures, but anyway. When you type in all of these information or even nothing just a departure city and a budget, searches will show up. In these searches not only the city comes up, the lowest price also shows up, no wonder. But under that a weather information line is located very helpful. It can say something like: Warmest in July (up to 72°F). (22° Celsius). In this case we took Copenhagen cause that’s where we wan’t to fly to.

Momondo has many features including Hotels, Car Rental and Vacation Rental, some of which we might come in on in future articles -> subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for updates.


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Momondo is just a great site and we use it every time we book a new trip. Momondo compares sites and because of this the cheapest sites shows up here! It’s easy to use, mobile friendly and has the cheapest prices!

Visit Momondo here