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Low Cost Airlines Europe – What’s the best?

Low cost airline travel is the most common way for many to travel, but what airlines are the best? We take a look at Low Cost Airlines Europe to see what airlines are the best and of cause the baddest. We will take a look at the Airlines:

  • Ryanair
  • Norwegian
  • EasyJet
  • Wizz Air
  • Transavia
  • Jet2.com



Quick facts: Ryanair is a Irish Ultra-low cost airline, tranporting more than 80 million passengers a year (Europe’s largest low cost airline) with over 300 aircrafts.

Pros: Very very cheap fares starting from 1£.

Cons: You will be charged for everything literally everything. Print your boarding pass at home or pay – 70£, Credit card fee – 2% of transaction total. Travelling to and from small airports like Frankfurt hahn, Paris Beauvais–Tillé Airport, Barcelona girona and Berlin Shoenefeld Airport. No leg room and sometimes unhappy staff.

Conclusion: Fly only Ryanair if you really need to.



Quick facts: Norwegian is the largest low cost airline in Scandinavia operating more than 100 aircrafts to more than 125 destinations in Europe, The US, Asia and Africa. It’s the best low cost airline in Europe named by Skytrax.

Pros: Cheap fares, good legroom (for low cost carriers), travelling to and from big airports, IFE(In Flight Entertainment) and no hidden fees. And seat actually recline!

Cons: Not always English speaking staff.

Conclusion: Norwegian is a great airline, cheap and with a smile



Quick facts: Travelling to and from relatively large airports EasyJet carries more than 60 million passengers a year to and from more than 130 destinations with more than 220 aircrafts.

Pros: Cheap fares, good legroom (again for low cost carriers) and travelling to and from relatively large airports as we tried no hidden fees where found.

Cons: No IFE. Seat’s don’t recline.

Conclusion: EasyJets is a good Low Cost Carrier, offering cheap flights.


Wizz Air:

Quick Facts: Wizz Air owns more than 60 aircrafts and with them they fly to more than 100 destinations mainly in south-eastern europe.

Pros: Mainly cheap fares. New planes (average age of 3.1 years).

Cons: No IFE, No legroom and flies to and from small airports.

Conclusion: Wizz Air is relatively cheap and flies to and from small airports.



Quick Facts: Transavia is a dutch low cost airline travelling to and from 88 destinations with 35 planes and an extra 27 on order.

Pros: Flying to and from large airports, IFE, Nice Seats and seats recline

Cons: Not really any



Quick facts: Jet2.com is a British low cost airline with the same homepage as name. Jet2.com flies to 58 destination with 58 planes.

Pros: Cheap fares to and from large airports and no hidden fees.

Cons: Bad legroom and they place passengers randomly like a lottery.